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Finland Rugby Sevens


Rugby sevens is a unique sport in that the running load and contact loads are extremely high and are condensed into 6 x 14 minute games in a weekend. Players will run approximately 1,600m with several sprints in a single game and be involved in numerous contact events such as tackles and rucks.

Physical preparation has always been geared around making the athletes robust to handle the demands of the game. Players undertake regular sprint training and a lot of work to develop aerobic capacity in order to recover quickly from repeated efforts.


The Clubhouse has been training Finland Rugby Sevens since 2017 - before the Clubhouse existed. Under our former banner 'Coach Bam', we wrote took charge of all rugby and physical training for the team.

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Body composition also plays an important part in the sport as players need mass to handle the contact demands, counterbalanced against the need to deal with a high aerobic demand. We try to build a muscular upper body with powerful lower body to maximise this balance.

There are a few key indicators that we track with the team in order to understand their training needs. We look at aerobic capacity using treadmill tests or the Yoyo test. We also look at speed using GPS units both in games and training. Finally we track jumping (CMJ and RSI) and 1 rep max trap bar in order to keep track of strength and power.

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