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Performance Testing

The Clubhouse uses a range of tests to measure physical performance. We use the latest advances in technology to accurately measure physical qualities to help rank you amongst other athletes and monitor progress in your performance.

Our testing package comes with a full report for each athlete.


Jump Tests

We use the Output Sports unit to record jump variables in vertical jumps.

We also use the Output unit to test reactive strength index (RSI), which is an important measure of how quickly athletes can express force into the ground.

We test the broad jump to measure power in horizontal movements.


Strength Tests

Strength tests depend heavily on the age and experience of the participants. We match athletes to the most appropriate strength tests for them.

We use simple 1-5 RM tests, rep maximum tests and isometric strength tests to monitor performance.

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Speed Tests

We track peak velocity using the Apex Sports GPS system.

Apex GPS is also used in tracking our field sports athletes during games and training.


Conditioning Tests

We use field based tests to measure aerobic performance. These include running and rowing tests.

We choose the most appropriate test for each athlete based on their sport, age and experience.

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Bam Hennessy MSc

Bam is the owner of The Clubhouse. He has worked in physical performance for 15 years across a range of team sports in Europe, Africa and Asia.


He is an expert in load management and is currently conducting research into the effect of the menstrual cycle on physical performance.


He is the head of performance at Finland Women's Rugby Team.

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