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Terms and conditions


The customer accepts and commits to the terms and conditions defined in this contract upon establishing a service contract with The Clubhouse. A person under 18 years of age can use The Clubhouse services under the responsibility of a guardian who has accepted The Clubhouse contract. Persons under 18 years of age can be issued a customer key only with their guardian's approval. The customer shall be aware that The Clubhouse operates partly without any staff in the premises and that communication takes place primarily by email.



The customer will receive a customer PIN for entry to the facility. You must always use your customer PIN when visiting The Clubhouse. You must not allow anyone else to use your customer PIN. The customer shall be liable for any costs incurring from misuse of a carelessly stored customer PIN.



The customer must notify The Clubhouse of any change in their contact information without delay. The Clubhouse will save customer data in its own data systems and process personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection legislation (Data Protection Act 2018). Further information about the processing of your personal data is specified here.

By signing The Clubhouse service agreement, the customer agrees that The Clubhouse can, via any communication method, including electronic communication (eg e-mail, text and multimedia messages), contact the customer for information purposes and / or to market promotions and other offers in accordance with current legislation. The customer can withdraw their consent to receive marketing inquiries by contacting The Clubhouse’s customer service. The customer can not refuse to receive communication linked to the membership, which concerns e.g. changes in the service agreement, customer satisfaction or other important messages that are linked to the membership.


The customer shall have the right to use The Clubhouse services for the duration of their membership in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
The Clubhouse has 2 types of membership: 1, Gym membership and 2, Strength and Conditioning membership.
The memberships right of use includes membership type specific services advertised at The Clubhouse, with the exception of services for which it is separately mentioned that the service is chargeable.


The customer must pay a monthly service fee as defined in this contract. The fee shall be charged as agreed in this contract. The fee gives the customer the right to use The Clubhouse services as defined by their membership type.


The membership is valid for the period set out in the contract. The contract is personal. The contact shall be valid either until further notice or for a fixed period of time. Fixed-time contracts are not concatenated, that is renewed in a chain. The membership continues automatically or for as long as membership payments are paid and the contract has not been terminated in writing. Customers may apply to change their membership type prior to the end of the contract in writing to The Clubhouse. The contract may be suspended due to health reasons by notifying The Clubhouse by e-mail or writing. The notification must include a certificate from a doctor or other medical personnel. The certificate has to include the reason and the duration of the suspension. Suspending your membership means a temporary break for at least one (1) month and maximum of twelve (12) months.


You can terminate your service contract in writing to The Clubhouse.

If you wish to terminate a 12 month contract prior to it's end date, you will be charged €5 for each month in which you were a member.
The Clubhouse customers have a notice period of one full month. The customer should notify The Clubhouse of termination during the month prior to their final month. The customer must pay any service fees due during the notice period. The customer shall have the right to use The Clubhouse until the end of the period for which they have paid. Any advance payments made by the customer before terminating the contract using exercise vouchers or equivalent payment methods provided by their employer will not be refunded or compensated in any way.
You must return your The Clubhouse customer key to the staff after the termination of the membership. We will refund your customer key deposit only upon return of your The Clubhouse customer key in good condition.


The Customer can pay the Monthly Payment either through electronic payment or at The Clubhouse. The payment at The Clubhouse is made by debit/credit card or by fitness vouchers.

Upon arrangement, further Monthly payments, according to the Agreement, may be charged by means of e-invoices. For invoicing purposes, the Customer must enter into an e-invoicing agreement regarding the Monthly payment. The Customer is responsible for making the e-invoicing agreement in his/her online banking service. If the e-invoicing agreement is not valid on the invoicing date, the invoice will be sent by mail (invoicing fee 5 euro will be added).
The Monthly payment related to a Continuous Agreement shall be charged from the Customer’s bank account once a month. If the Monthly payment e-invoice cannot be charged automatically from the Customer’s bank account, the Customer will be sent a reminder to which an administration fee and invoicing fee will be added.


The Clubhouse shall have the right to raise or reduce the contract price by notifying the customer at least 60 days before the change in price enters into force. The Clubhouse shall notify any changes on The Clubhouse notice board and by email. No changes can be made to the price of a pre-paid fixed-time service contract during the contract period. Once the pre-paid service contract period has ended the customer may redeem a new service contract in accordance with the valid price list.
The Clubhouse must notify the customer of any changes caused by value added tax changes or other possible fees incurring from authorities no later than one month before including such changes in the prices to be paid by the customer. Possible changes to value added tax shall enter into force in monthly payment contracts immediately on the date when the tax is changed.


If the agreed payment for services is not made in accordance with the payment terms, the customer's right to use The Clubhouse services shall be suspended until the payment is made. Another person or company may take responsibility for fees or part of the fees determined in the service contract. The other payer can at any time, without a notice period or giving a reason, terminate payment of these fees. In this case the customer over 18 years of age shall always be personally responsible for fees in accordance with this contract. The Clubhouse shall have the right to charge penalty interest and reminder fee and administration fee for late payments in accordance with the price list.


The Clubhouse retains the right to keep the facility closed, change customer service and opening times and make seasonal changes related to holiday seasons, public holidays etc. The Clubhouse shall notify customers about any changes on the notice board and by email. The Clubhouse reserves the right to change or limit the number of equipment and products in use. The Clubhouse reserves the right to change these terms and conditions providing that the changes will not alter the essential content of the contract.



  • Be respectful, kind and helpful to everyone you see.

  • You must always present your customer key when entering The Clubhouse. You must prove your identity upon request.

  • The Clubhouse customers are expected to behave respectfully. You must take care of your personal hygiene.

  • Smoking, consumption of the customer's own alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances is not permitted in The Clubhouse premises.

  • If a customer damages any The Clubhouse equipment, property or premises on purpose s/he shall be liable for compensating the damage in full

  • Always use a towel when using gym equipment and on top of mats in group exercise classes.

  • Wipe the equipment after use. There are many users, and this ensures that the equipment is always clean.

  • Always wear appropriate clothing.

  • Always return equipment to its original place.

  • Always use a drink bottle with a top.

  • Give all our visitors the chance to use gym equipment. Allow others to use the equipment when you take a break.

  • For safety reasons under 15-year-olds are not permitted in The Clubhouse except in connection with activities indicated for children or young people.

  • Taking photographs of, or video recording other people than yourself without permission is strictly forbidden in The Clubhouse. This pertains also to camera phones. Commercial use of image material of yourself is strictly prohibited without written permission from The Clubhouse.

  • The changing room lockers are meant only for daytime use. Leaving any items or clothing in the lockers overnight is not permitted. Any objects left in lockers overnight will be taken to the police lost-and-found keeping.

  • A cancellation rule applies to all bookings. If a booked place is not cancelled one hour before the start of the class and the customer repeatedly fails to cancel classes, the customer may lose the right to book classes for a fixed term or permanently. In the case of a service that cannot be cancelled, The Clubhouse will charge you for the unattended appointment in accordance with the price list.

  • You are responsible for your own safety. Follow instructions. The Clubhouse shall not be liable for the customer's possessions, illness, injury or accident in The Clubhouse or surrounding areas.

  • If the customer does not respect the rules and instructions or otherwise behaves disrespectfully towards other customers or members of staff, their membership may be suspended for a fixed period or terminated. In this case The Clubhouse will not refund any fees paid in advance.

  • The Clubhouse is not liable for losses caused by theft, break-ins etc. The Clubhouse is not liable for damage caused to any property of its customers or other visitors nor for any injuries caused by accidents or the actions of other customers. Each customer is responsible for ensuring that their own health allows them to use services produced by The Clubhouse

  • If the customer brings without permission and using their own customer PIN outsiders into The Clubhouse, they shall be liable for paying a fee of €250. The fee will be charged with an invoice.

  • The Clubhouse’s service concept covers training for individuals and groups as well as associated coaching services. The Clubhouse’s customers do not have the right to carry out the above kind of services to other The Clubhouse customers without the written consent of the centre. If a The Clubhouse customer breaks this rule, s/he will be obliged to pay The Clubhouse a penalty of 250 euros.

Finnish law shall be applied to this contract. Possible disputes arising from this contract that cannot be resolved through mutual negotiation shall be resolved in the court of the customer's place of domicile.
In addition the customer shall have the right to take their dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board free of charge.
The Board is a neutral and independent dispute resolving body external to courts. Taking a complaint to the Board is free of charge for the customer.

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